LOVE  is a language many are still trying to learn like a toddler and if care is not taken, there is a thin line between love and hatred.

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection.   It is a complete acceptance of the other party. It is when we allow the other person to be exactly as they are without wanting to change them to who we think they should be.

THE relationship that led to marriage in the first instance did not have an element of nagging, arguments, criticisms and other things that turns love to hatred to start with but over the years, we take what the other person is doing for granted, Then we feel we are better at doing things or bring more to the table,  we are more knowledgeable etc, we then tend to see things differently and that is when things start to go  horribly wrong.

For example, many couples run their marriage like a business. They discuss the bills, the kids, and the day to day operations of the house. They may struggle to keep things in check or they may operate like a well-oiled machine. Either way, they may lack quality communication with one another.

How often do you and your spouse discuss your feelings? When is the last time you talked about your hopes and dreams? Most people have trouble talking to their spouse. They don’t know how to express their feelings or their needs and wants. This is often a major problem in marriage. It often leads to a fight or disagreement. The best resolution you can have concerning your marriage this year, apart from loyalty, love and faithfulness is to learn how to communicate properly. Yes. Communication is as much about listening as it is talking. If we have to or just simply take a deep breath and try to really hear what our spouse is saying and respond rationally and with love, we will all have a better marriage.


love  your spouse the right way!


Think about what you can do differently in your marriage for the next one month and lets talk about the difference it has made in your relationship.