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Are you struggling? You are not alone!

Life as we know is in stages. You may be down today and feel all is against you, you might even think its due to what you did or did not do but I have good news for you today.

You are not alone in your struggles!

While growing up, I was uesd to having people around me but I have found myself in another type of settings that I now understand what loneliness means.

Also as a mum who stays at home to take care of my kids, I love looking after them knowing I am giving them the best foundation I could but sometimes I get so tired. I desire to have a 9-5 white collar job, I long for the old days where I have colleagues and my days are not filled with sometimes crying babies and diapering.

I struggle at motherhood some days and I excel at other times but I am trying my best to find joy and contentment in this season I am now because I know it wont be forever.

So if you are like me, and you find yourself struggling with one or two aspects of your life please hang on there, this also will pass!

I am trying to put the products I am selling on the blog so you must have noticed the changes, In case you dont like how the blog is looking now, I am still working on it so do not give up on me yet!

Just to say hello and let you know what is happening with the blog, and most importantly to give you a virtual hug that all will be well irrespective of what you are going through now.

I remain your virtual friend,



new month

Hello Dear Friend,

How are you doing today? Happy New Month!

I pray that this month be a month of marching forward for us all, Amen!

You must have noticed I have not been here for some days now, Please pardon me it was beyond my control.

I fell ill and that is one of the problems of sole proprietorship. When the owner gets sick, the business suffers. But I do not pray to experience pharyngitis in my life ever again .

I could not eat nor talk for four days and swallowing saliva became a burden!

I did not realize we swallow saliva almost every time until my sickness!

But thanks be to God, the storm is over now. Β I later discovered home remedies for it and I will be writing about it in my next post.

just to say hello and wish you all a fruitful month and let you know we have great stuff lined up for this month, so keep an eye out on your emails for our newsletters.

Until then, remain fashionable!

I remain Your virtual friend,