new month

Hello Dear Friend,

How are you doing today? Happy New Month!

I pray that this month be a month of marching forward for us all, Amen!

You must have noticed I have not been here for some days now, Please pardon me it was beyond my control.

I fell ill and that is one of the problems of sole proprietorship. When the owner gets sick, the business suffers. But I do not pray to experience pharyngitis in my life ever again .

I could not eat nor talk for four days and swallowing saliva became a burden!

I did not realize we swallow saliva almost every time until my sickness!

But thanks be to God, the storm is over now.  I later discovered home remedies for it and I will be writing about it in my next post.

just to say hello and wish you all a fruitful month and let you know we have great stuff lined up for this month, so keep an eye out on your emails for our newsletters.

Until then, remain fashionable!

I remain Your virtual friend,