Happy Valentines Day!

Good day everyone, how is it going?

hope you have things planned for today to spice things up a bit?

just to chip in that love should be a everyday thing to you and should not be once in a year.

And in all that we do today, we should not forget that “LOVE is when a Man wipes your tears even after you left Him hanging on the cross for your sins”

In case you do not have anything special for today, you can look for the following books (digital version) on amazon or anywhere you get your books and read it together and share opinions on it while sipping a glass of water if champagne is not available.

  1. Five love languages By Gary Chapman.
  2. 100 ways to Love your husband By Lisa Jacobson ( Her husband wrote his own version too , 100 ways to love your wife By Matthew Jacobson)

    Do have a great day filled with lots of Hugs and Love.